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The "Black ADS" extension helps people block annoying ads, various scripts, tracking forms and pop-up windows.

"Black ADS" works on all websites.

Important notes about "Black ADS":

- The extension never monitors your activity, even in private mode;

- The extension never asks for or stores your personal information;

- The extension never stores or reports statistics on blocked ads;

- The Extension follows coalition rules for better advertising and better advertising standards.

Permissions are required for full functionality:

When you install our extension, you will see the message "Read and change all your data on the websites that you visit. This message tells you that Black ADS will have access to all of the websites you visit and without this permission, we will not be able to block advertising messages on the websites you visit.

What We Do?

Blocks out all kinds of advertising, like:

- popander and pop-up ads;

- flashing and annoying banners;

- video ads;

- automatically played video ads with sound on.

Various systems of analytics and trackin users

Allows you to concentrate on the content you are interested in, without distracting yourself from advertising

Block of phishing, crypto miners and malware sites

Increase your privacy when you visit various websites.

Speeds up the final loading of pages, by blocking network requests to advertising networks. Saves on bandwidth and speeds up your navigation.

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